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Welcome to the 2018/19 season!

Classes are now in full swing.
New classes beginning in September 2019.

Please contact mckonesmusic@gmail.com to register for a Free Lesson in June 2019.

Gift Certificates are available for either the KiddyKeys or Music for Young Children programs.

A small glimpse into a typical day at McKone's Music!

McKone's Music 32nd Annual Piano Recital!!

Offering piano-based foundational music programs ages 3 to adult.

KiddyKeys (3-5 year olds) - small group pre-piano program

Music for Young Children (ages 5-12) - small group piano lessons

Adult/Teenager - small group piano lessons

On site programs for preschools and daycares. Lessons can be adapted to each individual program’s needs

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Available for children ages 3-5, in the studio and on site in daycares/preschools. KiddyKeys is a fresh and innovative approach to teaching piano and music exploration to young children. Engaging, energetic and highly educational, the KiddyKeys program focuses on the piano, teaching music concepts and music appreciation to young children. By appealing to individual learning styles, this original music program enables children to explore the piano through improvisation and easily learn music concepts. It’s a great way to prepare children for school or for future piano lessons. The primary goal is to lay a solid foundation for your child’s education. Music is a proven component of that process. There are no materials to purchase, a piano at home is not necessary, and it is a non-parented class. This is a wonderful introductory course to the Music for Young Children program.

See KiddyKeys in Action!

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Music for Young Children

Music for Young Children (MYC) is for children ages 5-12. MYC provides the best quality music education by blending the joy of music with sound instruction. Children and parents develop a firm, fundamental understanding of music through group keyboard lessons that include note reading, singing, rhythm, chords, theory and composing. MYC’s interactive system uses the three types of learning; visual, auditory and tactile making learning an engaging, enriching and positive experience! It is an awesome foundational music program for any instrument. Class sizes are a maximum of 6 students. As parents attend this class, if they choose to practice the same material, they can learn to play piano as well!

Class Schedule

KiddyKeys (ages 3-5)
Sunbeam 1 (ages 5-7)
Moonbeam 1 (ages 8-12)
Adult/Teenager (13 and up)
(Student’s age as of September 1st, 2018)

Current New Student 2017/18 Schedule

Music for Young Children (MYC)
Sunbeam 1 (ages 5-7)
Monday 5:30-6:30 
Tuesday 4:55-5:55
Thursday 3:30-4:30

Moonbeam 1 (ages 8-12)
Monday 6:35-7:35

KiddyKeys (ages 3-5)
Monday 4:45-5:15
Thursday 10:45-11:15

Adult/teenager class (13 and up)

About your teacher

Shelley McKone

– M. Ed., B. Sc., ECD –

This is my 33rd year of teaching piano, 21 years with Music for Young Children, my 4th year with KiddyKeys and I have previously taught 12 years of piano privately.

I have lived in the Beaumont area for 29 years raising all 3 of my children here. Love my town! All my children are now adults, 2 are married and I have 3 beautiful grandchildren.

I started the journey of teaching piano when there were no teaching jobs available. When it was time to teach my own children piano, I wasn’t happy with the methods I was using. I came upon the Music for Young Children program and was very impressed. I loved teaching the program so much that I continued even after all 3 of my children had completed the program. They now all play multiple instruments. The foundation that MYC instills is great for any instrument. I started teaching the KiddyKeys program in 2015 as more of a music introduction. Yes, it still teaches an amazing amount of music information related to piano, even though the students are ages 3-5. It’s a great non-parented program, with no practicing required nor is the purchase of a piano necessary. I believe it will be a great springboard to the Music for Young Children program.


Here's what people are saying.

I really appreciate my experiences with Music For Young Children’s teacher, Shelley McKone.  The things that stand out for me are:

  • her ability to challenge each student in her classes whether it is a beginner class or an Master’s class;
  • her ability to pick out something special about each student and build upon that throughout the year;
  • she makes her classes fun for the students and gears her lessons to the children’s abilities;
  • she is always open to suggestions and changes, continually trying to improve each year.
—Debbie Carnegie

Shelley taught my daughter for her first two years of music, and it was because of Shelley’s encouragement that we even started in the program. Many years later, my daughter is still taking piano lessons and loving it. Shelley is very engaging and professional as a teacher. She knows her stuff after 30 years of teaching and she adds a loving warmth that always encourages her students to do their best.

—Tammy Menyaylov

Shelley and the KiddyKeys program has been an exciting element to our playschool experience. The children have learnt many different songs, tried different musical instruments, and have gained knowledge of musical history. This has been a rewarding program for us to have been able to give to our students, and one that we will be looking to continue on with.

—Genessa Belzile - Teacher, L’école des Petits Playschool

Thank you for having so much influence and creating a wonderful musical environment for my family!

—Meghan LeBlanc

We are in our second year with McKone’s music and we are SO impressed with both Mrs. Mckone as well as the MYC program. Mrs. McKone is extremely patient, kind, and passionate about music and teaching children. We are blown away with how much our kids have learnt in just two years of the program. They are reading music, playing full songs, composing… it truly is an amazing program and we love Mrs. Mckone. We will be with her for many more years to come!

—Leanne Carrobourg


For more information or to register for a Free Introductory Session for Music for Young Children or for KiddyKeys, please contact Shelley McKone.

McKone’s Music is centrally located in Beaumont, Alberta.

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